Welcome to unpatterned: Obligatory Intro

Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for, oh say, three years minimum.  I even started one, posted twice, and never told anybody about it.   Then stopped.  Actually taking the plunge required lots of thinking, talking, encouragement from trusted and dear advisors, and then a lot more hemming and hawing.  Now that I have told people I'm doing it, I'm accountable.  One thing that is undeniable is that I (and many other humans) think, speak, act, write and live in an unpatterned way.  So welcome to unpatterned beta version.  I am calling it "beta version" right now because I am in test mode.  I don't have a logo/custom header or a defined list of scheduled posts, but I expect that to evolve  over a bit of time interacting on these interwebs.  In the meantime, I will attempt explain what you can expect (for now):

  1. Thoughts on travel and adventure - whether it's personal experiences or dream vacations
  2. Lump-sum design posts - architecture, interiors, fashion, art, objects and sparkly things fall under this category
  3. Food. Drink. Food. Drink. Repeat.  - Eating, cooking, baking, beverages, swank new restaurant, hole in the wall BYOB = bring it
  4. Music -  the listening kind, not the playing kind
  5. Misc. ramblings - rants, gushes, 1/2 marathon training, freestyle raps, letters to the editor, etc.  Yes, a complete catch-all category

Welcome to unpatterned.