#PTW : Total Klutz or Evil Lunch Bag?

It's only Monday, and yes, I already want to Punch The World!  For those of you that don't really know what that means, it will become evident.  For more detailed info, I refer you to this podcast at OneKindRadio. While the podcast is on temporary to permanent hiatus, PTW springs eternal.  Today was one of those days that started out fine, but then suddenly got ridiculous.  Evidence:

  1. While entering car at end of work day, I abruptly decided as I am halfway in the door that I shouldn't enter the car, but put my lunch bag in the trunk (obviously).  As I am immediately exiting said vehicle, the heavy door to "White Lightning" swings back and busts me right in the face.  I place worthless lunch bag in trunk and immediately make sure I have all of my teeth.  Seething pain right under my nose and a bit of blood begin to surface.  Teeth in tact. Blood only coming from a tiny cut in my nose, but still bled the whole 35-minute drive home. Ouch.
  2. While preparing my Asian coleslaw to add to my lunch bag for the week, I had to obtain the peanut butter from a shelf slightly out of reach.  Said peanut butter topples down right onto my cup of water that proceeds to do a triple axle and splatter all over the floor. Puddle.
  3. In my final attempt to add to the bountifulness that should be included the lunch bag, I was baking my favorite banana bread recipe ever.  2 eggs, room temperature; no problem.  Except when you are walking from the fridge to the counter and they jump out of your hand onto the floor.  If only I had radiant heat, I could have scrambled those bad boys.  Egg puddle.

Everyone has a rough day, sure.  BUT, I must ask you to review the evidence.  What is the root of all of this?  Is it a lack of equilibrium?  Inherent clumsiness? Obsession with food?  No. No. Maybe. When was the last time you looked a lunch bag square in the face and it decked you square in your nose?  The evil lunch bag has been trying to tell me something all night, and I'll be damned if I haven't taken heed.  PTW!