obSESSED: Jessica Lea Mayfield

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Due to the fist sight of sun after almost a week of gloom in Chicago, a post about an album that includes the song "Blue Skies" seemed appropriate. ("Suddenly I can see blue skies again...")  It might seem a bit like I'm jumping on the bandwagon a here, since I'm linking to NPR's song of the day and all (click it and listen!), but Jessica Lea Mayfield's Tell Me has been on heavy rotation since I saw her open for Justin Townes Earle in February at Metro Chicago.  Thanks to a tip-off from my brother, who clearly knows my penchant for slightly dark female singer/songwriters, I previewed her tunes in time enough to make sure I caught her and her excellent backing band as an opening act.  While her stage presence left a bit to be desired, the talent was undeniable and I immediately bought Tell Me.  Check out her website for a FREE download of "Our Hearts Are Wrong," and then pick up the album and listen to my favorite, "Trouble."