obSESSED: Bossypants by Tina Fey

I read this book about two weeks ago and I haven't stopped talking/thinking about it since!

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I even purchased another copy as a gift for a friend, a friend who reads a lot.  We both read the book in less than 2 days. Kind of a big deal.  After reading the book, I have decided:

  1. Tina Fey's life is pretty damn unpatterned.  Think she would do a guest post?
  2. If Tina Fey and I ever met in real life, we would be BFF's.  For sure.  I bet a lot of people say that after watching 30 Rock, or Saturday Night Live's mom jeans commercial, or reading this book, but I just know that we would be finishing each other's sentences, making secret handshakes, and gorging on junk food together in no time flat.
  3. I must watch more 30 Rock.  I'm not really sure what has been my problem up until now.  I mean, Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan, who might be on my Top 10 Funniest People list, partially due to this video.

The book was simultaneously laugh out loud hilarious (and I don't really laugh out loud when reading), an interesting life story/review of her career, and an insightful look at the awkwardness of growing up, women in the workplace/life and motherhood.  Some of the highlights were:

  1. Exhibit A for future BFF: our shared love of Red Lobster's biscuits.  Page 252: "There is no one of-woman-born who does not like Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar and a Socialist." Brilliant and so true.
  2. Exhibit B for future BFF: classic comedy.  When I was a small child, my parents once told me a joke that I never quite understood for many years, but would tell anyway.  It became a classic joke around the household and still gets tossed out during some of the finer family gatherings.  Tina Fey told this exact joke on Page 4: "Or perhaps you bought this book to laugh and be entertained.  For you, I have included this joke: 'Two peanuts were walking down the street, and one was a salted.'"
  3. The entire chapter "Sarah, Oprah, and Captain Hook," a fascinating recap of her experience playing Sarah Palin on SNL, Oprah's cameo on 30 Rock, and her daughter's third birthday party.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to ruin it for you.  Even if you aren't bowled over by Tina Fey's TV performances, I dare you not to find the better portion of this book funny, witty and smart.  And if you don't, we should probably never meet. So go



from any of these places!

  Now, I'm off to watch

Baby Mama

.  Seriously, I am.