Style Dreaming: Vintage Golf Wear

I can't believe I'm even typing this right now, but I am absolutely ecstatic that I just received these: Oh yes, those are ancient vintage ladies left-handed golf clubs.  What, you golf?  NO, I don't, but I have been dying to try and have no business in investing in brand new clubs when I might hate the game (even though I'm convinced I won't.)  I think all of my thrifting and vintage shopping has rubbed off on the boyfriend a bit because he scored these from Craigslist for me - woo hoo!

So, what was the first thing I decided to do: swing the clubs in the back yard? Go to the driving range? Sign up for a lesson? Clean them? No. No. No. No.  Look up vintage golf wear, obviously!  Here are some of my finds....I haven't bought anything (but you can at the links below)...just dreaming right now.

Image Credits:

  1. Vintage Dunlop Golf Bag on ebay 
  2. Vintage Masters Hat on Etsy
  3. 1940's American Golfer Dress on Etsy
  4. Golf detail top on Etsy
  5. Kelly skirt on Etsy
  6. Tartan Golf Shoes on ebay
  7. Golf Shoes on ebay
  8. 50's Golf Shirt on Etsy
  9. Houndstooth shorts on Etsy

Who knew that I would be so excited to wear clothes that are pretty much polar opposite of what I wear in real life.  I think the self-competitiveness, being outdoors, and a sport that allows consumption of adult beverages mid-game could be a winning combination.  The style challenge helps too.