The Path to 18 Holes: Night Ranger

Since raving about my new (old) golf clubs and fantasizing about all the spectacular vintage prep I am going to rock, the only thing I have accomplished is my first official driving range experience.  Okay, it's really my second driving range experience.  I hit golf balls on one other occasion with some borrowed, too-long, but lefty man clubs at a driving range  in Wisconsin. This was fun and is probably one of the reasons why I was so floored to receive golf clubs, but last week I had my first official range visit with my not-so-shiny lefty lady clubs. My first official CITY driving range visit. Have you ever been to a driving range, on a lake at 9:30 p.m., with a view into the city?

Sweet Baby Jesus,  why didn't I take up golf before? (oh, I don't know, lack of interest, cost, and did I mention cost?) But this driving range business is like therapy!  Since it was late, the place wasn't too crowded, which allowed me to feel less self-conscious about my lack of experience. I could only imagine the mental benefits, once I kind of know what I'm doing, of stopping by the range after a long day or on a quiet morning, plugging in my headphones for some jams, and whacking some balls!   The precursor being figuring out the aforementioned whacking. I currently have mastered the thud, the blah, and quite a few whiffs.  Details, details.

It's funny to gauge the reaction of my family and friends when I tell them I am now the proud owner of golf clubs.  My dad thinks I will master the game in no time, beating men that have been playing for years. One friend started scheming about taking lessons with a group of friends, even though she doesn't even own clubs.  Another friend gushed at the cuteness of me taking up a sport, which is clearly heavily influenced by B.  And one friend looked  at me like I had two heads and said in a sarcastic tone, "because that's what you wanted?" Maybe I'm too much of a thinker, but all the different reactions really made me think about what it said about my relationship with that person AND maybe even a little bit on their views of relationships (or my relationship?)  Dad thinks knows I'm a bad ass.  Friend 1 is game for trying new, fun activities with me, or maybe doesn't want to miss a beat of fun? Friend 2 gets me and gets that people try new things for loved ones. And Friend 3 maybe thinks I'm sometimes kind of lame, or perhaps we really haven't talked enough lately!  Do you ever do this - analyze your people's reactions? I'm sure you do. I can't decide if I have been doing this most of my life, or if it is the more recent, new-decade-of-life me that is making a conscious effort to focus on the people and things that really matter.

Whatever the reactions of my loved ones, I am still convinced that the driving range  will have therapeutic effects on me. Perhaps it will calm my over-thinking analytical brain?  I can picture it now: the sun is setting, creating reflections off the downtown buildings, a cool breeze is coming in off the lake, headphones in (probably Neko Case AGAIN), maybe even an ice-cold beverage in my cup (is that legal?), and some solid golf ball whacking. I may not hit every one perfectly, or at all, but with a little persistence, I know I can get at least one good hit in. I did last week, and as B stated, "That is what keeps you coming back to the range."