Bling of the Week: Red, White, or Blue Trifari

In honor of Independence Day, I am bringing you patriotic accessories. As a rule, I generally don't wear red, white, and blue jewelry, or anything for that matter,  together because it almost always looks kind of cheesy.  Although, if done right, a nautical look is classic. With the 3 pieces below, you have the option of wearing red and white or blue and white.  Pair them with your favorite navy dress, your red shorts, or some blue boat shoes and light a sparkler.

These 3 pieces are all from my new-to-me vintage 80's/90's Trifari collection. You will see more on this later, but the entire collection is courtesy of my dear friend, S, who shipped a box full of this stuff to me from the Northeast after she randomly  inherited it from a colleague. The weirdest part is everything still has tags on it! Now that is a fab find FOR FREE if I ever saw one.