Wednesday Gig: Outpost Outfitted

Post 27 in Chicago is ah-maz-iiiing, in case you didn't know.  Vintage furniture and accessories, locally made furniture and art, jewelery and...wait for it...vintage clothes.  Um yeah, a lil somethin' somethin' for everyone.  And even if that's not your cup of tea, I am certain the store's ambiance will stir at least a shred of inspiration.  If you are visiting, it is a must see if you have good taste.

I thought the place was fab before I started working there, but for the last 10 months or so, I have come to believe it.  And now not only do I "work" there (about once a week...perhaps it's called "moonlighting?"), but I have a new little gig: writing for the Post 27 behind the scenes blog, Outpost. {Insert squeal of delight.}

That's right, I'm taking this little style, fab finds, accessories, random thoughts gig on the road, er um, interwebs, and doing it up at Outpost every Wednesday with our new fashion feature, Outpost Outfitted.  Thanks to the beautiful graphic setup from contributor Margot, each Wednesday a fun new ensemble will be styled in the store, shot, and contemplated in all its glory on Outpost. What you're seeing above is a tiny preview of the first post that kicked off 2 weeks ago.  Right now most of the clothes are from the vintage Axis of Evelyn collection, but soon, Annie Novotny's frei line will be adding even more new to the mix.  I can't wait.  So check it out, drool, purchase, and repeat along with me on Wednesdays, okay?

Peep the latest installment of Outfitted, and the first and second! Peruse Post 27's online inventory too while you're at it.

[Image courtesy of Outpost]