Top 10 Reasons I DON'T Miss Cable TV

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Yes, you are reading that right.  For the past 2 months B and I have been cable free.  It sounds like an addiction when I say it like that. I have to admit, it has taken some getting used to, but basically I barely watch TV these days. It feels a little weird writing that.  I kind of despise it when people say, "Oh, I don't watch TV." Believe me, I am going to follow-up with a Top 10 Reasons I DO Miss Cable TV, and it's going to read like a trashy magazine exposé when you learn what I used to watch.  But overall I have been enjoying my cable free days.  Besides, with all these Wisconsin trips and weddings I've been attending, who has time for TV anyway?  Here are the Top 10 on why I don't miss cable:

10. More time for blogging. (Maybe?)

9. I think I am less dumb. Just a tinge.

8. I watch "the news" more, and therefore must be proportionally more aware of important current events and political issues.

7. I am no longer able to tell you the state of Gretchen and Tamara's or Ramona and Jill's relationships. And, you know what? That's okay.

6. I am slowly reacquainting myself with Seinfeld.

5. ESPN is only available via cable.

4. Three's Company Reruns, preferably the Jack, Janet, Chrissy combo. Killer outfits, Regal Beagle envy, endless puns and cheesy sexual innuendos.

3. I haven't wasted a Saturday on the sofa in 2 months.  At least not with the TV on.

2. Saving $120 a month.  That's $1,440 a year.  Technically, only half of that is mine so $720 dollars a year back in my account.  Think of what you could do with $720 - a flight to Paris, a pair of Louboutins, dinner at Alinea, almost half of a Proenza Schouler bag, gobs of vintage dresses,  1/5 of an Eames Lounge chair and ottoman (okay that last breakdown is a bit depressing.)

1. Since canceling cable, I've gotten engaged and a new job.  Coincidence? We'll never know.

Comcast, you can keep your magical little TV box.