Me Time

It's 9:35pm and the photo above is my Saturday. And it is perfect. I am sitting on my porch in the most perfect 71° weather and I just feasted on Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai from the place around the corner. (I know, so unoriginal.) While eating, I read that slim spiral bound thing on the right that I just dug up in my "archives" on accident. It's a 30 page (double spaced) paper that I had to write for this Environmental Psychology class I took as an elective in grad school.  I kind of loved the class, and the paper had to be called, The Environmental Autobiography of Carly Pokornowski. Yes, I had to write an autobiography about my environments, and it was fascinating and nostalgic rereading what I wrote when I was 22 about environments I grew up in/lived in.

Now I'm sipping my glass of cheap Pinot Grigio, which has become a staple for me this summer, and just basking in the "me time."  I think deep down I have always enjoyed alone time, but it hasn't been until the past few years that I have realized how much I value it and need it. B is away for the weekend on a dudes golf trip and visiting his Wisconsin parents, and I have 4 nights to myself. To some, this might sound like I don't like spending time with B or that I am happy he is gone. I'm not, and I'm actually kind of jealous of his Wisconsin trip because remember, I love going to Pigeon Lake. But I am happy to have this time alone to just do things that I do, be at home, and regroup from the last month of craziness and other people overload.

Knowing I had this weekend alone, I pegged Saturday as THE day. (After all, I work on Sundays.) I made no social plans, but I did make a list of things I thought I would like to do and should do. I think I even declared, "I'm not leaving the house on Saturday!" The list included, cleaning, blogging, wedding research, talking to my Seattle friend on the phone, doing yoga and/or going for a run. A hefty list for a coveted Saturday at home. So far, I have succeeded in talking to Seattle, blogging (a lot!), and going for the first run - it was a run/walk - in almost 4 months. It hurts to write that. In the process, I have just made a bigger mess in the house. By enjoying myself and by getting in the run I have been telling myself I would do for ages, I have come to realize that it is perfectly okay that I didn't do anything super-productive this weekend. In reality, that's what me time is all about, and that run was more productive than anything else on the list.

I realize the fact that I read my own "autobiography" on a Saturday night sounds a bit self-indulgent, but it was like reminiscing about places I've lived. It was also really interesting to notice that my writing style hasn't changed much. Besides a few quirks here and there, I don't think it would be obvious that I wrote the paper years ago.  I am not sure if this is good or bad, but it inspired me to write this.

It has taken me a while to realize the true value of me time.  It is the best thing I've done for myself in weeks, and it has made me realize I have a lot to say about my environments and how much I value them and how fabulous it is to spend a day with yourself. How rewarding it is to go for a run. How enjoyable dinner for one can be on your breezy porch. And how glad I am I started writing this blog thing. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far.