Top 10 Reasons I DO Miss Cable

I know what you're thinking: "This ahole recently waxed poetic about why she's better than me because she canceled her cable."  No, not true. Just because I am getting on just fine without cable doesn't mean I don't necessarily want to have it. I just don't want to pay for it right now, and I don't employ enough self-control to keep from watching it for hours. So it's true, I did love having cable. Here are my top 10 reasons that I still think of it fondly: 10. Movies. I didn't even have movie channels, but you were much more likely to find a movie on cable that you might want to watch randomly, rather than on network. Speaking of movies, do you want one? Oh, just get it "on demand." Oh wait, on demand doesn't exist on network. Just go down the street to the Blockbuster. Oh wait, that shut down....

9. As you may have read, I recently spent 4 nights at home alone by myself. I can only thinkof the glorious marathons of trashy TV I could have had with cable - Real Housewives, Project Runway, Flipping Out, Top Chef, maybe even a little Jersey Shore, or Say Yes to the Dress and/or a girly movie that happened to be on for good measure. Instead I watched some sad local program and the news.

8. The Food Network channel, mostly Barefoot Contessa (she's my girl!), but other cooking shows too. I've found some on the local channels, even with celebrity chef Rick Bayless, but they don't compare.

7. I don't care what anyone says, it pains me a little when people talk about shows and I have to pull out the, "Oh, I don't have cable anymore," line. I mean sometimes it's cool, kind of like an F-U, but it's mostly socially disappointing.

6. House Hunters. This was an absolute go-to show. Even if there was nothing on, House Hunters (or Property Virgins) was ALWAYS on and always entertaining.

5Bravo. Oh, I miss Bravo. Go ahead and judge me. I watched a ton of their programming and it's really what I miss most. (And Project Runway, formerly of Bravo.)

4. The remote. That big Comcast remote. I miss it! With all it's useless button glory, I LOVED being able to click that little "guide" button. So simple: a channel with a guide of what is on all the channels.  I miss that. Instead I now have a TV Guide app on my phone that I access to find out if Three's Company is or isn't on at 11pm.

3. DVR. MF'n DVR is the topper. Cable or no cable, I miss DVR.  I would even DVR the crap out of network shows like my Three's Company reruns, Modern Family (one of the best shows on!), and the stupid news so I could just watch them when I want to watch them like the good old days. Instead, I have to plan if I want to watch a show, which is supremely lame.

2. Pause, fast forward, rewind.  So. Very. Sad. Wait, what did they say?  Oh, you'll never know. Ooh I have to go to the bathroom. Wait for a commercial! I think I will miss this feature most during the winter sports season. B would DVR games and then fast forward through timeouts or lulls in play, and I think I will be longing for that come football season, which is scary close.

1. This piece of crap is now sitting in my living room. I must note, I did not participate in the purchase of this monstrosity.

Happy holiday weekend!  Don't watch too much TV.