Beer Tasting

Oh right, not that kind of beer tasting. You know, the kind where all the beers taste good?  I recently partook in what I would call a cheap beer tasting or a bad beer tasting. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I believe it all began with some friendly banter about being able to taste the difference between Miller Lite and Bud Light in a blind taste test. One person hated Miller and the other Bud because the difference is so clear! Next thing you know I have a Friday night marked in my calendar to taste what most would consider cheap, watery beers. B and I headed over to the M's house and proceeded to create the lineup:

Miller Lite, Bud Light, Miller High Life, Old Style, Coors Light, Busch Light, Hamm's, and O'Douls for good measure.

The process was very scientific: 8 beers, 4 people, 32 red cups, 8 different coded stickers, which happened to be animals, 4 scorecards. We lined up 4 rows of cups, 3 of us left the room while one person poured tasting portions of each beer for each person and recorded which beer corresponded to which cup. Then another person returned to add stickers to the cups while encoding an animal sticker for the order of cups.  Mix them up and nobody knows which beer is which, but we will be able to decode at the end. The tasting begins.

We tasted each beer together, and at this point they were a little warm. Yum. As we progressed, we recorded our best guess for the beer on our score card, sharing some comments like, "This is disgusting!" and other pleasantries, all the while keeping our ballots secret. This took a while. As you can tell, we were pretty serious. For some reason, in my head, I really thought I would be able to tell what was what, at least in some cases. But it was clear immediately: when you take away the can/bottle and add in the red cup, it was a total crap shoot on taste.  Here are the results:

Correct Guesses out of 8 (Pretty Sad):

M.M. - 2 (Coors Light, Hamm's)

M.E. - 1 (O'Douls)

B - 1 (Old Style)

C- 1 (Old Style)

The Old Style correct guesses were chalked up to baseball game associations.

"Favorite Beer"

M.M. - O'Douls (She will never live this down)

M.E. - Coors Light

B - Busch Light

C - Miller High Life

"Least Favorite Beer"

M.M. - Bud Light

M.E. - O'Douls

B - O'Douls

C - O'Douls

Yes, except to MM, O'Douls is pretty sick. Maybe she was inspired by this rap video on her hometown. But it was the hands down loser. I have to say we were all surprised by our "favorites," but I will take the High Life and be glad it wasn't Bud Light or worse, O'Douls. The moral of the story is a bad beer is a bad beer. You get what you pay for and they all taste pretty much the same when they look like this:

Have you had any equally productive Friday nights lately??