Fab Finds: Something(s) Old

When I started this blog, I decided not to make it too personal.  And when I got engaged, I vowed that I wouldn't cheese the place up with wedding ridiculousness. That still stands. Weddings and babies can be a kiss of death on a blog. I mean, really, no one gives a shit about your bridesmaid dresses, pink and purple color scheme, or your choice to use recyclable, soy, vegan, cloth diapers. Or whatever.

But I think that sometimes there is an intersection of unpatterned, wedding, and fab finds. I couldn't resist sharing these untouched mint condition vintage wedding albums with you.

A friend who has a penchant for giving me free jewelry and shoes happened upon this completely blank 60's? wedding book that she gifted me. It's hilariously cute, complete with gold lettering, a white vinyl cover, a certificate of marriage with only a 19__ option for the date, a guest book section, and a gift log!  Oh and this adorable envelope:

I can only hope I get a telegram.

Needless to say, my friend giving me this book completely floored me, and I just might use it as our guest book. So when I found another one of a similar make (for $16) at Jackson Square Antique Mall, I couldn't pass it up.

Again, the gold details on white...er more like ivory at this point. This one is more of a photo album or scrapbook with clear plastic sleeves, a gold hinged spine, and gold page corners. I know what you're thinking. Um, hello, your photos will be digital. This is true. And I am sure we'll do a digital album. But I am a bit sentimental and have saved cards people sent us and other little papers that will make a great memory book that I can add to over the next  7 months.

Woah, less than 7 months. More on what else I bought at the Jackson Square Antique Mall  and other free fab finds from friends soon!