Lobby Inspiration

Remember I mentioned that I was working on a teeny tiny lobby project for a student apartment building at Purdue University? Well, I thought it was high time I shared my "inspiration" for the project. Don't expect the finished project in a student building to look anything remotely like the buku budget hotel lobbies I referenced for inspiration.  But it's the essence of the idea...or so they say. I tried to get back to my design roots of thinking here. And while these are way beyond the level of detail for this kind of project, I'm a firm believer in starting big and working your way down to where you need to be. Besides, inspiration is just that after all.


The media wall.                                                                                                             The dramatic focal.

Glorious lighting and multiple textures.


Texture, lighting, texture!

All images found via Pinterest and Google Image Search...I wish I had original sources!

Where do you find your decor inspiration?