6 Weeks to 15K...wait J/K

I started writing a running post, oh months ago and it sat in the drafts. Then I restarted writing this post with the new title "6 weeks to 15K", and even created a somewhat detailed spreadsheet schedule on how I was going to train for the Hot Chocolate 15K in 6 weeks. It's simple, start at 3 and increase my mileage by 1 mile each week. Done and done.

But then I remembered there's a difference between being in shape and being in running shape. These days, I am neither. Somewhere along the way in wedding planning and summer life I lost my motivation to run. I know it makes no sense; those two things should BE motivation. The "why" of lack of motivation is still a mystery.  Either way, ambition and reality walk a fine line.

So I finally got real, bit the bullet and signed up for the Hot Chocolate Chicago 5K, rather than the 15. As one of my favorite people said to me recently, "I hate paying for 5K's." And you know what, I totally agree. I don't care about the damn sweatshirt or even the chocolate at the end; I've got my stash of Trader Joes in the bottom drawer of the fridge. But if knowing I have that race hanging over my head will blow the dust off those babies pictured up there and get me out the door, I'll pay $48 for it. This way I will have far less anxiety about injuring myself or, God forbid, having to walk part of the race. Plus I need to get real and focus on what I REALLY need to make a schedule for: Finishing The ARE. There it is. Now that I've bared my soul to you, I need to do both. Accountability is key. I hope.

Who's running this race? Or any other fall/winter races? What gets you out the door on a chilly gloomy day?