obSESSED: Mad Men Season 1 (Late To The Party)

I know what you're thinking: "Hey did we go back in time and publish this post from 2007?" Nope, despite my love of vintage/mid-century, I had never really watched Mad Men until last week. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I think it's because I didn't regularly watch anything when I lived alone and then I didn't have cable for a while. Plus I recently went through that stint of also not having cable. Fast-forward until about a year ago when I finally borrowed Season 1 from a friend. But I just popped it in the DVD player about a week ago. I was pretty obSESSED and watched all 13 episodes in a week, which I considered restrained. So here's my Top 5 observations:

  1. As expected, the clothes are to die for. Even though I'm glad I don't have to wear a girdle or hose or similar underpinnings daily, there's something so beautiful about the clothes and hair on the show and of the era. While I don't necessarily want to dress this way daily, I think there is an element of elegance and sophistication from those days that we lack today.
  2. If I ever thought I should have lived my 20's in another era, the 50's/60's weren't it. Amazing clothing be damned. Unless I would have been a man in my prior life. Living as a lady pre-women's rights? Pass. However, I would love to inherit the show's set. The lighting, the glassware, and pretty please, the sofa in Draper's office. Thank you.
  3. I've never seen smoking look so glamorous and natural and fun in something that was filmed in color. Is Lucky Strike sponsoring this show because I seriously wanted to smoke after watching it? (BUT I didn't because it is disgusting and kills people, hello!) I was trying to think of  a TV show I've watched that involved a character that smoked regularly, and the only one I've come up with is the early seasons of Sex & The City when Carrie still smoked. Between the smoking and the above, I sometimes get caught up in the details and comparing the show to life today rather than the plot line.
  4. What's the deal with Don Draper? Everyone is all gaga over him and while yes, Jon Hamm is certainly easy on the eyes in those suits, I still think he's a kind of a shady skeez and somewhat unlikable character. Maybe it gets better in the later seasons?
  5. Um, yeah, so Peggy was totally pregnant. Duh.  Still, it was nice to finally get that out there and the perfect cliffhanger to end Season one.

I hope to watch Season Two before 2014. And I'm proud to say, I have no idea what happens in any of the seasons so please don't tell.

What's your take on Mad Men? Genius drama or overrated glorification of a time that we've outgrown?

[Image via by Carin Baer]