2013 Dreams: #DTPTW

That's Dreams That Punch The World, kids! And in case that confuses you, that's what my dreams are gonna do, okay?

Someone once told me that accountability for your dreams is half the battle toward achieving them. I'm paraphrasing, but either way, I think it's valid. And whether you call them dreams, goals, priorities, BHAG's or just "stuff I really want to do," it's all about working toward something truly important to you, large or small. I realize it's March now, but I've been working on putting my dreams on paper and getting the ball rolling since the new year. Besides my husband, I do have a partner in crime that I teamed up with to help each other manage our dreams. It is personal and fun and motivating all at once I'm going to take it one step further and publish my one-year dreams here for all to see. Ultimate internet accountability. I also have some other short and longer term dreams on my radar, but I'm not into over-sharing on the interwebs. Well to a degree. So here they are. Read 'em and weep, 2013:

  1. Finish the ARE. The architecture registration exams. The 5-year rolling clock is ticking on me for 2014. I snapped out of my daze this year and realized that I didn't spend 6 years in school, countless all-nighters, and all that blood sweat and tears (literally I am pretty sure a few models were covered in all of those) to NOT get my architectural license. Even if I never "use" it. Especially since I have been more than halfway there since 2009. Seriously.
  2. Look and feel more physically fit and less guilty about eating delicious things. I think this is part an age thing and part reality. The ol' metabolism ain't what it used to be. Plus as I get older, I just want to be healthier. Sure, I indulge, albeit too often, but I want to balance it. Practice moderation. Get back to running. Up my yoga. Use my gym membership to a point where I feel it's worth the money. Fit into my skinny jeans again. Not hate myself after eating that cupcake. You get it.
  3. Take the semi-planned European honeymoon with B. (AKA HM2; see HM1 here.) This will happen. It just takes some dedicated planning and narrowing. The problem is, we are TOO open to places. We want to go everywhere, which makes narrowing hard. We are also trying to pick the perfect timing and I am distracted by dream 1 above. I'm putting it on my priority list so I don't let the planning fall by the wayside (or too much on B, which I have been known to do when it comes to travel.)

See, pretty simple. Now it's out there. It wasn't hard to come up with a top 3. Some weeks it is harder than others to stick to the mini plan I created in order to execute them. Such as, studying on a Friday night sounded like a great idea on Tuesday. But after a busy week was done, all I wanted to do was chillax on the sofa with some takeout Thai and trashy TV. Having written down the week's schedule though (and knowing I didn't exactly nail it the rest of the week), plus an encouraging text from my dream friend, I got off my bum and took the iPad to the gym to study on the elliptical. BOOM! I doubled down on those dreams! I'm hoping that this post will provide the same motivation!

I'm also hoping maybe it will motivate even just one of you to think about your dreams/goals and make a plan to achieve them. Write them down! I know it sounds so squishy and soft and touchy feely, but it's way too easy to say you want to do something, but much harder to execute when life gets in the way. And it always does. That life is a pushy little mettler!

What's on your dream/goal list for 2013? And beyond?