Buckets of Glass and Things I Hate

My computer is so full that I can't even run Photoshop to write the post that I want to write with lovely, edited photos. #PTW.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the above photo. Right now there is a bucketful of glass in my laundry room. Not because I love glass or because I had an awesome party where someone pulled a Samantha and threw a cantaloupe through it. Man, I wish. No, my Andersen storm door decided to spontaneously crack into a bajillion pieces and fall into onto my entry floor last week when it was 4500 degrees below zero here in Chicago. Plus side: the mailman now has easy access to the mail slot. Downside: we are now "those people" on the block with the busted out door. It was weird and I just thought you should know.

So instead of a proper post, I give you a brief glimpse into my positive outlook. Here's some things I hate, in no particular order. This list is in no way exhaustive, specific, or intended for any particular reader or nonreader. Opinions are my own. Just for kicks, it should be known that I started this list about a year ago but never finished the post so many things have longevity.

Things I Hate:

  1. The empty frames on walls trend. So bad. It just looks dumb, no matter how awesome your "composition" is. C'mon, put a picture in it.
  2. Photoshopped witty and/or cute and silly pregnancy announcements. I love babies, but seriously just tell people with words. Barf.
  3. The word "asinine."
  4. The abundant use of the word architect in all these weird professions that have nothing to do with architecture (i.e. "software architect") and architect-like personalities in commercials. Except for that Old Spice commercial where they sing that song that says something like, "You're the worst architect in the world!" I do not understand it whatsoever, but it is the exception to the rule and bafflingly hilarious.
  5. The penetrating scent of a piping hot microwaved Lean Cuisine wafting through the stale office air.
  6. LOL. I can get down with OMG, but I still can't get past LOL.
  7. Hearing/reading any adult person say "nom," no matter how many times in a row.
  8. Lana Del Rey's voice.
  9. Age inappropriate clothes. I'm looking at you, thirtysomethings and up.
  10. Buckets of glass, although I think it has potential for a great art project or a demented practical joke.

Phew, Happy Weekend!

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