Pre & Post: Grandma's Chair


Oh hey there, welcome to the new blog location! If you know me at all, you may know that I have had a slight obsession with houndstooth for a long time. I've also had my grandma's old chair for quite some time. The chair is as old as I can remember and was in the "playroom" at her house. It's been on my "to replace or to reupholster" list for way too long. I finally found an upholsterer that I could deal with and then I took a year to find the fabric, but boy oh boy was it worth the wait! Here's the state it was in. This is some college condition stuff, not an adult house:


Oh yeah, look at that deterioration! So deflated. I hemmed and hawed and then forgot about fabric for a year. Until one day recently when I was helping a client/friend look for fabric to reupholster her vintage chairs and I spotted this shining beacon.

I was a little worried about the crazy rainbowness of it, but thought it just might be incredible. With the encouragement of my shopping companion, a frantic call to the upholsterer, and the fact that it was JUST over the yardage I needed, I was ready to commit. Plus it was ridiculously affordable because it was a remnant. Bonus.

2 weeks later, this gem had been reglued, new foam, touched up legs, and was returned to it's tufted glory with a houndstooth kick in the pants. The chair makes me so giddy every time I walk in the room and I just know grandma is smiling down when we sit in it.


Last, but not least a little side-by-side. I'm so in love. Sometimes it's worth the wait!