The House: Entry Update

Last time we talked about the entry, I showed you the DIY for the stenciled triangle pattern we painted. Well since then there's been a few little updates I wanted to share. In case you just found us/forgot, here's where we were:

And here's where we are today.

We updated the light! No more "vintage" fixture with weird painted base and questionable wiring. The new fixture is from West Elm, but seems to be discontinued. I liked the flush mount (hello door swing!), triangular theme and reflecting mirrors. We also added the mirror to reflect some light and color since the door is closed 95% of the time.

Finally, a legit rug to wipe your feet. I chose high traffic Flor tiles. I wanted something really durable, custom sized, and not too precious because it's a glorified doormat. I also needed a really low profile to allow the weather stripping on the door to clear it. We had a custom shelf, complete with triangle brackets cut and stained to match the main living/dining built-in. Right now it just houses some cute accessories, but maybe it will hold more in the future...maybe not.

And that's it for now! 4 small things with big impact. However, this little nook isn't complete. A few things that are still on my radar:

  1. Somehow adding more functional storage in the space (although the stroller currently lives there half the time because I'm too lazy to fold it up in the closet around the corner.)
  2. Oil, refinish, or somehow restore life into that gorgeous door!
  3. Replace the door hardware true to the age of the home (with the exception of the original escutcheon and mail slot.)
  4. Clean up the escutcheon and the mail slot! Or maybe add this doorknob because I love it, but it's probably too much with those triangles.

It's a process!