Unpatterned Tips: Top 5 Guest Room Tips

In our Summer newsletter we rattled off our top 5 guest room tips. Seeing as the houseguest, I mean Holiday, season is just around the bend it seemed like a good time to revisit the points and expand on some ideas!

Whether you have the luxury to have a guest room, you have an office or kids room doubling as a guest room, or your sofa is your guest room, here're our top 5 things you can do to make your guests feel right at home, besides the standard clean sheets and fluffy towels.

  1. Fresh flowers. (Farmers market, grocery store bargain bin.) I mean, there's really no explanation needed. Fresh flowers win every time. If you live in Chicago, Flowers for Dreams is a great way to get some delivered straight to your door AND benefit a local charity!

  2. Water carafe and cups. (Avoid awkward late night cupboard rummaging.) I always sleep with a glass of water by my bed. Make it easy and set your guests up. Take it one step further beyond hydration and set up the coffee maker for the morning too.

  3. Wi-fi network & password. (No one wants to pay for data, right?!) Or maybe your insomniac brother-in-law really needs to watch Netflix on his laptop in the middle of the night. If you have a dedicated guest room, print out your wifi info and password and frame it! You could even include other pertinent info you might forget to note like the Netflix password on the TV, alarm code, or where the extra K-cups are!

  4. Extra blankets. (Or a fan, depending on the season.) You know how it can be shivering in someone else's house and not being able to find a throw! Put an extra blanket at the foot of the bed or a few blankets in a basket in a corner, folded on the dresser, etc. Done.

  5. Luggage stand or ottoman! (Don't put that suitcase on the floor.) Have a place to put a suitcase that's not the bed or the floor if at all possible. You can store one of those hotel-like luggage stands in a closet when not in use. Your guests will appreciate it, especially if they are of the age that doesn't like to retrieve things from the floor. Here's looking at you, grandma!

Obviously you can leave one or two of those things out if you want to ensure your guests don't stay TOO long! Good luck in the guest hosting world. 

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