Unpatterned Tips: Top 5 Ways To Get Your Bath Guest Ready

The holidays are here, which means house guests for so many of us, like it or not. In the rush to get the rest of the house in shape, decorated, and dinner made let's not neglect the most important room in the house - the bathroom! Here's our tips for tweaks that require minimal tools. 

  1. Fresh bath mat. Wash the one you have or get a few small neutral ones to cycle in and out. I think I'm buying this one in pink to match the vintage sink in our guest bath.
  2. Put extra TP in an obvious place, like a basket on the floor, or in the vanity cabinetry. Don’t hide it in the linen closet down the hall; arms reach, people!
  3. Put your lights on a dimmer. Everyone knows to have a nice candle at the ready, but what about that hardwired mood lighting? DIY tutorials abound online. Everyone looks better when they are lit at less than full blast!
  4. Spring for a fresh bar of soap or a nice bottle of body wash and some shampoo and conditioner that's not found in the bargain bin. Bonus points: think like a hotel and take it one step further: supply a small basket or container of sample toiletries for your guests to pick and choose from. (image credit)
  5. Put away the super personal stuff so the only awkward conversations remain at the dinner table. It also helps declutter the space for your guests to take over for the weekend. Corral it in a cabinet, in a lidded basket or even in another room.

Happy hosting everyone! The Unpatterned team is so grateful for all of you, this season and year round.