2016 In Review & Happy New Year To You!

Oh 2016, you have been a year fraught with emotion, with true highs and real lows. You've been a great year, but also a challenge. As we look back for a second and then ahead to 2017, I bit and am showing you my "Instagram Top 9" above. Ombre tile for the win!

Unpatterned has been around for years in varying capacities, but September marked the official ONE YEAR anniversary since I quit cobbling together additional part time and freelance gigs too and poured my whole heart and soul into Unpatterned full time. And then some. Every milestone deserves a bit of celebration so as 2016 closes here's some highlights from our year in very abbreviated review, mostly thanks to Instagram:

January - New construction interior design project broke ground; to be completed Spring 2017!

February - Began a kitchen refresh and 1st Floor decorating project in Northbrook

September - Celebrated 1 year as full time business focus and we were quoted in a Realtor.com article.

November - Photoshoot at the completed Palatine Master Suite; we hope to share these stunning photos with you soon! Here's a sneak peek from the shoot.

December - Road trip to Urbana for some continued consulting and completion of the Rogers Park condo renovation any day now! A kitchen, 2 baths & color consultation featuring a creative plumbing wall, the backsplash of our dreams, ombre tile pattern, and more!

There were so many more celebrations in between too because of each of you. THANK YOU to all our wonderful clients and collaborators, big and small, for making the past year so incredible! We value every experience, partnership, and take great joy in learning from you and seeing your spaces come to life.

We look forward to some exciting new projects, more finished products, partnerships, and big things next year. Cheers to closing out 2016 and kicking off 2017 in style!

Happy New Year!


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