The Entry Stencil: Dublin Edition

It's not everyday that we get an email from Dublin, Ireland, much less one including these fabulous photos. We shared the entry stencil DIY/wallpaper alternative a while back and then the update pulling it together here. In case you forgot here's a refresher:

I've always figured the only people reading this thing are my mom (maybe) and my BFF. Until this lovely email from Daniel & Darren popped in my inbox this week:

My name is Daniel, I come from Dublin in Ireland. I just wanted to send you a quick mail to say thank you for your post on the painted triangles in your hallway!

Like yourself, myself and my partner were going to wallpaper one of the walls in our hallway, but since we’re saving for our wedding, we went looking for other ideas and came across your idea. It turned out amazing! We love it so much, and have you to thank!

Daniel goes on to explain how he bought the same tape on Amazon, changed the color palette a bit, and used a "fizzle out" method to allow for the coat rack. All I can say is I LOVE IT. Bravo, Daniel & Darren! I love the color palette, the addition of the coat rack and the functionality of this fun little space. Here's the photos Daniel shared:

And for fun, here is a side by side of Unpatterned's and Daniel/Darren's. The process is IDENTICAL!

I love seeing this iteration of the stencil Brad and I created together. Now I'm getting inspired to create another stencil for a client and for my next DIY project - some kind of art to hang on our garage in the backyard. What's your next project?!

Thanks to Daniel and Darren for sharing this!