First Floor Decor Revealed

First Floor Decor 01

It's time for a little more first floor decor, don't you think?! Bedrooms take a backseat to the few areas singles, couples, and families alike spend the most of their awake time - family rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms! This family of 3 came to us with just a few key pieces of furniture to keep on their first floor and the rest was a blank slate.

First Floor Decor 02

A navy velvet sofa was one of the first focal points pitched for the family room. The family spends the majority of their time together in this room that is open to the kitchen.  The rug kind of steals the show though. 

First Floor Decor 03

The requirements included small and moveable cocktail table functions. This area is still an active play space for their young daughter so we didn't want to lose any precious floor real estate for legos, dollhouses, fort building, and dance parties. 


Plus, seating for more than just the family! When we began, all that existed in this seating area was an ancient sofa (which was donated). Adding a side chair was a luxurious upgrade!


I'm obsessed with those planters from District in Chicago, pictured on the right. Through this project, I learned that the plant shown here, a snake plant, is nearly invincible. Currently seeking one for myself...


Oh hey, someone that actually PRINTS their family photos? We laid out and hung this gallery wall. It's set up with the potential to add to it as their collection grows. We mixed a few art prints with the photos, kept the frames to two tones to simplify, but not overwhelm. I think all black in this quantity and location would have been overwhelming. And we didn't make it too flashy because the doors of that credenza are the real stars. Unpatterned was hired to style the project in addition to design and we had fun mixing in vintage and new accessories, like the bird from District, the amethyst from Etsy, and The Company Store lamp.


Moving into the dining room! We were tasked with this table and we loved mixing in the modern leather chairs and the ikat print head chairs with it. Of course, you know my FAVORITE part: the wallpaper. 


It was an unusual order of events, but the wallpaper was our last addition to this project and it was clearly the keystone to this room. The photos don't do it justice! The paper is by Emma Hayes Textiles.


It's like a watercolor on shimmer rice paper! Plus a new sconce, tying in the brass from the formal living room and the iron of the chandelier.


Our client had this incredible collection of her grandmother's mismatched china and I nearly died pulling it all out of the buffet. Flowers by Unpatterned!


Speaking of the buffet, we absolutely adored sourcing this piece. Lacquer + lucite legs were worth the wait. And you can see a sliver of the custom painting here...


...And here the painting is as seen from the formal living room! It's really the bridge between the two rooms. We assisted the client in commissioning local artist Pooja Pittie to create a piece incorporating the colors of the room as well as the clients' love for sailboats, in an abstract way. She nailed it! See the full gorgeousness here. 


What do you do when you walk down the stairs? Put on your shoes, check your outfit in a gigantic mirror, and walk out the door.


What do your guests do when they walk IN the door? Check their hair in this mirror from South Loop Loft


Then they sit down in these perfectly pink chairs and you serve them a cocktail. 


Maybe I'm projecting, but I have a vision of cocktails (negronis, manhattans perhaps) in those chairs, dinner at the dining room table (some kind of rustic-y roast, a trendy salad, homemade bread with a decadent storebought dessert). Then you move to a competitive round of charades (or Cards Against Humanity) played while piled on that navy sofa in the family room. Someone gets really competitive, someone overserves themselves, and everyone's cheeks hurt from laughter. 

We had so much fun creating these kid AND adult friendly spaces for this family. See the whole gallery here

Interior Design & Styling: Unpatterned

Photography: Aimée Mazzenga

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