Modernism Week


Better late than never? So back in FEBRUARY, which I know was forever ago, my sweet little family and I headed to Modernism Week. Actually we headed to Palm Desert to visit other family on vacation. But we also were lucky enough to ride the big red Modernism bus and do a tour. And creep an open house or two. Then we went to another stop to see more family and soak in a pool the rest of the week. Highly recommend all of the above. It's no secret I have an affection for midcentury and modernist design, here's my photographic evidence.

The bus tour sounds lame on paper, but it was an incredible way to get an overview of old Palm Springs and learn some history about the Desert Modernist architects and builders and various areas. Here's some photos we snagged on a cloudy day from the top deck.

Leo lives here, I think. Yeah that one.

Yes, the iconic Kaufmann house. No, we didn't get to go inside. No I didn't see the pool. #nextyear?

Dying over this roof. I believe this was one of the Alexander tract homes. 

The landscaping in this neighborhood was insane!

I need those green doors, that light and that plant. In that order. This was a designer's house. Obviously. I forgot who. Oh yes, reflecting pool, I'll take that too.

I can't decide if I need this door more than the last. 

We took a quick trip to Sunnylands. The grounds were incredible. While we didn't tour the main property, it was still so fascinating to learn about the history of past presidents spending time there.

Since we were traveling with our 2.5 year old, doing a bunch of house tours were not an option. Most are 12 and up or some are 18 and up, which I COMPLETELY understand. However, my in-laws were gracious enough to watch the little lady for a few hours so we could tour Seven Lakes Country Club. 6 private homes were open for touring and there were a few conveniently timed real estate open houses as well. It was an interesting view inside real homes that spanned the gamut of "preserved" to completely renovated from various perspectives. I'm not a purist or all about being true to an era, but it was interesting to see what people did with homes from such an iconic, polarizing era.

I'd happily have coffee here every morning.

THE DOORS in this town killlllled me.

I apparently have a thing for yellow doors!

A tastefully renovated, true to era, but not over the top kitchen.

Golf then pool party? Sounds dreamy.

New tile, 50's vibe.

This house was my favorite. It was renovated, but mostly in a way that respected the era, but wasn't too fussy. That credenza, those chairs, the coffee table, the sofa, the sheepskin, the plant. I will take it all.  After the tour we did stop in the nearby Parker Hotel for a super overpriced coffee to ogle the lobby and restaurants. We also hit up the Palm Springs Architecture and Design Center, where I snagged a copy of Desert Modernists

If you ever have a chance to book some tours for Modernism Week, I definitely recommend it. Book well in advance and explore the town! Even if you don't align with Modernism Week, there's enough to see. So much so that I need to come back for round two in a few years! What are your favorite Palm Springs sights?

P.S. We are growing! Looking to hire an entry level part time design assistant. See details and how to apply here; please share with anyone that might fit the bill!