Top 5 Tips to Choosing & Hanging Art

Art Height Tips.jpg

Lately, most of our clients are seeking assistance when sourcing, commissioning, locating, and hanging their art. A few common mistakes or questions keep coming up so we put together our Top 5 Tips when it comes to sizing and hanging your art!

  1. Bigger is better. Choosing size: bigger is almost always better when it comes to art, especially in a wide open space. My number one suggestion to clients looking that are considering art is to tape out the size on your wall with painters tape. It seems so simple but it really helps you get a visual of the space a piece will take up in a room. Live with it for a day.
  2. Tape tape tape. If you are considering a specific piece and are able to tape up a printed image of that piece (8.5x11 will do) do that too. It will help you visualize the colors in your space and feel more confident in your purchase.
  3. Eye level! Hang your art at the right height. I know this sounds so basic, but in most cases art should be hung at eye level (withstanding circumstances like over a fireplace.) I think, for some reason, people have a tendency to hang art just a tad higher than eye level. Factor in an average height person, not super tall, not super short. Consider the level that art is hung at a museum or gallery. If you are hanging a piece above a piece of furniture, it should look like it's an extension of that vignette, not floating way above it. Typically that's roughly from 12-20" above the piece of furniture, depending what it is and how tall your ceilings are.
  4. Overlap = OK. Don't be afraid to let things visually overlap, like a tall vase on a buffet, or a series of candles on a mantel. Instead of taking away from the art, it, will only make the presentation of your space richer.
  5. CALL US. And lastly, in both cases, work with your designer and/or the artist to size and place the art!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us when choosing and hanging art! What's your favorite piece right now?