Project Reveal: Luxe Master Bedroom - Starting From Scratch & Layering Textures


If 2017 was the year of the first floor for Unpatterned: kitchens, baths, family rooms, 2018 was the year of the second floor: particularly master bedrooms and master suites. While these aren’t always the first projects completed in a home, they are some of the most rewarding. (For me and the clients!) Having a personal space to wake up in and retreat to at the end of the day can really change your day-to-day and mood.


A full transformation was in order in for this master bedroom. With little direction other than some inspiration photos and the request for wallpaper, sconces, and new everything, we had to start somewhere. That is the key to getting started with a blank slate - pick something to be your jumping off point. For us, it started with the wallpaper. Other options to get started would be a rug, a fabric, or the main piece of furniture (the bed). However, after seeing some sophisticated neutrals and tone on tone inspiration photos, when I spotted this Anthology wallpaper at Style Library, I knew I had to pitch it as the centerpiece and build the room around it.

Don’t forget the fifth wall - the vaulted ceiling got painted a moody gray and the other 3 walls a soft white.


Keep it real in a room for sleep. A textured upholstered bed got paired with a linen duvet to keep from feeling too formal and so you’re not so worried about wrinkles. Adding sconces added some drama and some presence in this large room with a high ceiling.


Then you need to LAYER on layers. Not just throw pillows and blankets. But roman shades, (these are automated so you can open and close from bed!) custom draperies (with leading edge tape that matches the romans!) and sheers for an extra layer of privacy/view blocking.


I like having a little bit of everything in a room that has a lot of neutral tones - mixed metals (brass, black & silver here), mixed textures (linen, tweed, metallic, velvets, wool) and prints and solids. We have a ton of tone on tone neutrals, but we also have the anchoring wallpaper and the green!


Don’t skip the green! Layer in the plantlife! We also had the Hepplewhite style dresser custom painted a mossy green to contrast the purple and anchor a gold flecked original painting by Christine Olmstead selected for the space.


Lastly THE ACCESSORIES. A few vintage and new accessories tie everything together (and again repeat a mix - brass, ceramic, alabaster, horse head!) leaving the room serene yet not necessarily neutral and definitely not boring. This was an incredibly fun master bedroom transformation and I’m so glad to have been a part of it!

Interior Design: Unpatterned

Photography: Dustin Halleck

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