Unpatterned Tips: The Top 5 Reasons Not to DIY!


I know what you’re thinking. It’s March! It’s almost Spring! I better start planning my Spring projects. What’s on the list - renovations? Room overhaul? Finally decorating that empty living room? Maybe a bathroom update or even just a backsplash and some new lighting in the kitchen?

With the influx of beautiful images every moment - Instagram, Pinterest and the HGTV state of mind we now live in it’s easy to get caught up in the DIY whirlwind. I wouldn’t rule out DIY for some things. But I’m going to guess you’re pretty busy - you have kids, you’re training for a marathon, you’re writing a book, you have an early court time, you need to clean out your fridge. Or maybe you have some free time, but when you walk into a tile store your throat closes up a little bit from the sheer sea of options.

That’s why we’re here. And here’s our Top 5 Reasons NOT to DIY:

  1. TIME: Do you have time to shop for, select, order, arrange delivery of all the materials required for a construction project? Do you have time to answer your GC’s questions on the fly to keep the project moving? (We can project manage for you!)

  2. MISTAKES: (AKA Money): Undersized rugs, oversized sofas, dinky light fixtures, mis-scaled tile, we’ve seen it all. Sometimes things look good on paper or in the store, but often an untrained eye won’t know until it’s installed that it’s just a tad too large or too small or too short. Let us save you from buying twice. (Our Founder & Principal is a Registered Interior Designer.)

  3. DETAILS/DECISIONS: Are you prepared to consider all the details? Where does the wallpaper stop or the paint end? What size and profile of crown moulding? How will you finish that edge of an unfinished tile? What size and color grout? How high should those pendants be hung? (We have all the answers before they are questions.)

  4. BIG PICTURE: It’s easy to put your head down and begin a project that you have your heart set on. It’s harder to consider how it will impact the next project that is a year or 10 years down the line. Or how that item will hold up over time. Or if this new kitchen will gel with your future plans for the open family room. (Our architecture background helps with long-term space planning.)

  5. CONNECTIONS: Perhaps you’ve selected a great tile or wallpaper, but do you know who is going to install it for you? (We have the connections!)

Those are just a few reasons from a long list of why bigger projects should be DIY. Unpatterned can cover all the bases above.

If you are looking to kick off a Spring projects, get in touch with Carly at carly@unpatterned.com to schedule your consultation.

That time we did DIY.